About the people



Accounting starts with the people, not the figures. It starts with interpersonal relations, not the annual report. With trust and understanding, openness and friendliness. An accountant helps to service a businessman, not to impose conditions. He speaks the same language, whether in English, German, Swedish and so forth.

The meaning of the term „service” is being forgotten these days. „High quality service” is promised by everyone, but only one out of ten actually keeps the promise. We do not notice the faces of our accountants at their desks behind piles of accountancy documents and the accountants do not notice us. But we still desperately need our favorite bread shop where they always remember our name and bake our favorite croissants.

We would like to promise you two things: to always remember your name and to take care of your accounting. If this sounds interesting to you, take a look at the excerpt of our service catalogue on our website. But it would be even better, if we told you about it ourselves – while we’re at it we would also get to know each other! To visit us please call us at  (+371) 29511115, or even better just drop by! Location: Lāčplēša 27-6, Rīga.

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